Observational study on melting layer characteristics over Palau in Pacific Ocean

U. V.Murali Krishna, K. Krishna Reddy, R. Mastanaiah, Ryuichi Shirooka, Chen Jeih Pan

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In this paper, four years (April, 2003-March, 2007) of wind profiler radar (WPR) observations, Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission measurements, radiosonde and automatic weather station data are utilized to characterize melting layer/bright band (caused due to the melting of hydrometeors when the precipitation has a significant stratiform cloud contribution) variability during easterly and westerly monsoon periods over Palau in Western Pacific Ocean. Four years observational results show that presence of stratiform precipitation is more in Westerly monsoon compared to Easterly monsoon. However, bright band height (BBH) is lower in Westerly monsoon. It is also observed that the BBH during the year 2006 is higher than 2005 possibly due to El Nino effect.

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期刊Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
出版狀態已出版 - 1 12月 2014


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