Numerical study of a droplet migration induced by combined thermocapillary-buoyancy convection

Huy Bich Nguyen, Jyh Chen Chen

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Numerical computations have been performed to study the effects of thermocapillary convection and buoyancy convection, and free surface deformation induced by gravity on the migration behavior of a liquid droplet on a horizontal solid surface subjected to a uniform temperature gradient. Investigations are carried out by solving the Navier-Stokes equations coupled with the energy equation through the finite element method. The combined thermocapillary and buoyancy force driven convection produces complex dynamic behavior of fluid motion inside the droplet. The net momentum generated by a pair of asymmetric thermocapillary convection vortices inside the droplet drives the droplet to move in both small and middle droplet sized regimes. In the small sized regime, the quasisteady migration speed of the droplet is mostly linearly proportional to its size because of the stronger net thermocapillary momentum. When the droplet is in the middle sized regime, its quasisteady migration speed reaches a maximum, but this is gradually reduced as the droplet size increases due to the suppression of the net thermocapillary momentum by the buoyancy force. In the large droplet sized regime, two pairs of convection vortices exist inside the droplet as a result of the appearance of the buoyancy-driven convection accompanying the thermocapillary convection. The quasisteady migration speed quickly diminishes mainly due to the reduction of the net thermocapillary momentum from the stronger buoyancy convection.

期刊Physics of Fluids
出版狀態已出版 - 14 12月 2010


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