Numerical static-load test and earthquake simulation of a cable stayed bridge

Muhammad Ibnu Syamsi, Taufiq Ilham Maulana, Chung Yue Wang

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A bridge is an essential component of transportation networks and plays a crucial role in the operation of infrastructure, so maintaining this structure to guarantee the regular operation of bridges in a healthy condition is needed. The establishment of a bridge model numerically is a critical step of the bridge evaluation because many cases of the bridge test can be done numerically. The generated results can then be verified and adjusted with the real or full-scale test. This research aims to establish a numerical model of a cable-stayed bridge and perform numerical bridge tests and earthquake simulations. The targeted bridge is located in Taiwan, and it consists of four spans with three pylons. Static load tests are performed using a truck load set applied at each mid-span. Bridge displacement due to the truckloads is the primary concern of the static load test. Besides, dynamic bridge simulation under earthquake excitation is also simulated. On 18 September 2022, a destructive earthquake of moment magnitude (Mw) 7.1 occurred in Taitung County, southeastern Taiwan. Some infrastructures like bridges and buildings were damaged and even collapsed due to this earthquake. The bridge is simulated using the earthquake history record of the earthquake. The bridge's dynamical system properties are first outputted to see the bridge's natural frequencies and mode shapes. Displacement and stress history responses due to the earthquake excitation at some critical points are also evaluated. The simulation results can be a reference for real bridge testing.

期刊E3S Web of Conferences
出版狀態已出版 - 20 9月 2023
事件3rd International Conference of Construction, Infrastructure, and Materials, ICCIM 2023 - Tarumanagara, Indonesia
持續時間: 27 7月 2023 → …


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