Numerical simulations of non-ductile RC frames with infilled brick panel under cyclic loading

Chung Yue Wang, Hsiang Yung Ho, Ren Zuo Wang, Hsui Huei Huang

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This paper develops a finite element code to simulate the nonlinear hysteretic behaviors of reinforced concrete frames containing different types of brick wall panel under cyclic excitation. Two-dimensional solid finite elements are used to model the concrete, clay brick and mortar materials and truss elements are used to model the steel reinforcements. The joint effect of the mortar between bricks or between brick and concrete frame is modeled by joint elements. The analysis also considers nonlinear bond-slip relations between reinforcement and concrete. An equivalent uniaxial strain model that can characterize the nonlinear loading and unloading behavior of concrete material is applied. To simplify the analysis of the cracked element, the smeared cracking model and associated damage theories were used for those material points satisfying failure criteria. The accuracy and effectiveness of this simulation code were verified by the agreement between numerical prediction and experimental results from a specimen which was tested at the NCREE in Taiwan. The hysteretic load-displacement responses for RC frames infilled with walls can be calculated and are useful in the associated seismic analyses and retrofitting designs.


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