Novel Control Method for Multimodule PV Microinverter with Multiple Functions

Hsuang Chang Chiang, Faa Jeng Lin, Jin Kuan Chang

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This paper presents a novel control method for multimodule photovoltaic microinverter (MI). The proposed MI employs a two-stage topology with active-clamped current-fed push-pull converter cascaded with a full-bridge inverter. This system can operate in grid-connected mode to feed power to the grid with a programmable power factor. This system can also operate in line-interactive mode, i.e., share load power without feeding power to the grid. In the event of grid power failure, the MI can operate in a standalone mode to supply uninterruptible power to the load. This paper presents a multiloop control scheme with power programmable capability for achieving the above multiple functions. In addition, the proposed control scheme embedded a multimodule parallel capability that multiple MI modules can be paralleled to enlarge the capacity with autonomous control in all operation modes. Finally, three 250-W MI modules are adopted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control method in simulations as well as experiments.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
出版狀態已出版 - 7月 2018


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