Note on a conjecture for group testing

Ming Guang Leu, Cheng Yih Lin, Shih Yung Weng

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Let M(d, n) denote the minimax number of group tests required for the identification of the d defectives in a set of n items. It was conjectured by Hu, Hwang and Wang that M(d, n) = n - 1 for n ≤ 3d, a surprisingly difficult combinatorial problem with very little known. The best known result is M(d, n) = n - 1 for n ≤ 42/16d by Du and Hwang. In this note we improve their result by proving M(d, n) = n - 1 for d ≥ 193 and n ≤ 43/16d.

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期刊Ars Combinatoria
出版狀態已出版 - 7月 2002


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