Noncommutative and ordinary super Yang-Mills on (D (p - 2), Dp) bound states

Rong Gen Cai, Nobuyoshi Ohta

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We study properties of (D(p - 2), Dp) nonthreshold bound states (2 ≤ p ≤ 6) in the dual gravity description. These bound states can be viewed as Dp-branes with a nonzero NS B-field of rank two. We find that in the decoupling limit, the thermodynamics of the Np coincident Dp-branes with B-field is the same not only as that of Np coincident Dp-branes without B-field, but also as that of the Np-2 coincident D(p - 2)-branes with two smeared coordinates and no B-field, for Np-2/Np = Ṽ2/[(2π)2b̃] with Ṽ2 being the area of the two smeared directions and b̃ a noncommutativity parameter. We also obtain the same relation from the thermodynamics and dynamics by probe methods. This suggests that the noncommutative super Yang-Mills with gauge group U(Np) in (p + 1) dimensions is equivalent to an ordinary one with gauge group U(∞) in (p - 1) dimensions in the limit Ṽ2 → ∞. We also find that the free energy of a Dp-brane probe with B-field in the background of Dp-branes with B-field coincides with that of a Dp-brane probe in the background of Dp-branes without B-field.

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期刊Journal of High Energy Physics
出版狀態已出版 - 2000


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