Nitrobenzene hydrogenation over aluminum borate- supported platinum catalyst

Chiuping Li, Yu Wen Chen, Wei Jye Wang

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The hydrogenation of nitrobenzene over platinum catalysts supported on alumina, activated carbon, and aluminum borate was investigated in a liquid phase batch reactor at a temperature of 50°C and a hydrogen pressure of 1 atm. The characteristics of hydrogen adsorption on these catalysts was determined by temperature-programmed desorption. For all catalysts, the reaction is zeroth order with respect to nitrobenzene and first order to hydrogen. Under the conditions employed in this study, aluminum borate-supported catalyst was found to possess the highest activity. This can be attributed to its stronger hydrogen adsorption. The interaction of boron with metal would affect the electronic structure of the metal which again influences the adsorptive and catalytic properties of metal catalysts.

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期刊Applied Catalysis A: General
出版狀態已出版 - 24 11月 1994


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