Nascent metastable products in the reactions Ba+NO2 and Ba+N2O

Yen Chu Hsu, J. Gary Pruett

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The chemiluminescent reactions Ba+N2O and Ba+NO2 are studied using laser-induced fluorescence under molecular beam and low pressure flow conditions. The studies indicate the nascent electronic branching between chemiluminescent and metastable levels for the two reactions. In both reactions the predominant product channel is the ground electronic state. For the more exothermic Ba+N2O reaction, the exothermicity is mainly deposited into vibrational and rotational excitation of ground electronic state levels which exceeds the energies of the first few excited electronic states of BaO. Excited electronic states which are populated are also vibrationally and rotationally hot. For the Ba+NO2 reaction the predominant ground state products are vibrationally cold, but rotationally hot. Excited states produced are both vibrationally and rotationally cold. Selective production of particular metastable electronic states is seen.

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期刊Journal of Chemical Physics
出版狀態已出版 - 1981


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