Model of the physical space from quantum mechanics

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The physical world is quantum. However, our description of the quantum physics still relies much on concepts in classical physics and in some cases with 'quantized' interpretations. The most important case example is that of spacetime. We examine the picture of the physical space as described by simple, so-called non-relativisitic, quantum mechanics instead of assuming the Newtonian model. The key perspective is that of (relativity) symmetry representation, and the idea that the physical space is to be identified as the configuration space for a free particle. Parallel to the case of the phase space, we have a model of the quantum physical space which reduces to the Newtonian classical model under the classical limit. The latter is to be obtained as a contraction limit of the relativity symmetry.

期刊Journal of Physics: Conference Series
出版狀態已出版 - 21 8月 2017
事件8th International Workshop on Decoherence, Information, Complexity and Entropy, DICE 2016 - Castiglioncello, Italy
持續時間: 12 9月 201616 9月 2016


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