Mobility management in all-IP two-tier cellular networks

Wen Yen Lin, Jung Shyr Wu

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The seamless internetworking among multiple heterogeneous networks is in demand to provide "always-on" connectivity services with QoS provision quality, anywhere, at any time. The hybrid two-tier networks can provide high data rate and enhanced multimedia services. Because they may have different MAC and PHY mechanism, there is a great challenge to provide QoS, seamless handover and suitable internetworking architecture. the next generation wireless networks will be a major move toward seamless high-quality wireless services that provides more and more data transmission capabilities using the IP packets. Therefore, the mobility management will enable different mobile networks to interoperate with each other to ensure terminal and personal mobility and global mobility services. In this paper, we will propose two mobility management schemes in two-tier cellular networks and compare the system performance. In addition, an overflow threshold is assumed in the mobility management scheme to avoid too many overflows occurred to reduce the blocking and dropping probabilities.

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期刊Computer Communications
出版狀態已出版 - 30 11月 2007


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