Mirna as a modulator of immunotherapy and immune response in melanoma

Mai Huong Thi Nguyen, Yueh Hsia Luo, An Lun Li, Jen Chieh Tsai, Kun Lin Wu, Pei Jung Chung, Nianhan Ma

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Immune checkpoint inhibitors are a promising therapy for the treatment of cancers, includ-ing melanoma, that improved benefit clinical outcomes. However, a subset of melanoma patients do not respond or acquire resistance to immunotherapy, which limits their clinical applicability. Recent studies have explored the reasons related to the resistance of melanoma to immune checkpoint inhibitors. Of note, miRNAs are the regulators of not only cancer progression but also of the response between cancer cells and immune cells. Investigation of miRNA functions within the tumor microen-vironment have suggested that miRNAs could be considered as key partners in immunotherapy. Here, we reviewed the known mechanism by which melanoma induces resistance to immunotherapy and the role of miRNAs in immune responses and the microenvironment.

出版狀態已出版 - 11月 2021


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