Melting dynamics in thermal and stress driven Coulomb clusters

Ying Ju Lai, Wen Tau Juan, I. Lin

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The microscopic dynamical responses of a two dimensional circular Coulomb cluster to thermal excitations and to the external force along a narrow band through its center are studied. The strong competition between the circular boundary and the inner domain with triagular lattice leads to the nonuniform melting of the cluster. With the increasing temperature, the surface particles exhibit anisotropic motions along the circular shells. No abrupt melting transition is observed for the outer region. The intrinsic defects around the domain boundary initiate the continuous core melting transition and also the fluidization under the external stress. The fluidization shows a non-equilibrium second order transition with stick-slip type motion at the transition point.

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期刊Physica Scripta T
出版狀態已出版 - 2002
事件Proceedings of the International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics - Faro, Portugal
持續時間: 3 9月 20017 9月 2001


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