Measurements of third-order resonant wave interactions

L. F. Mcgoldrick, O. M. Phillips, N. E. Huang, T. H. Hodgson

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This paper presents the results of experiments on the resonant interaction of gravity waves. Two mutually-orthogonal primary wave trains are generated in a tank and their interaction products studied at various positions on the surface. Under suitable conditions, the growing resonant third-order interaction product is identified; its amplitude is shown to be a linear function of the interaction distance. The band-width of the response decreases with increasing distance, as is characteristic of the phenomenon of resonance. The ratio of the frequencies of the primary waves at resonance is very close to that predicted theoretically; the growth rate of the third component is close to, though about 20% higher than, the predicted value. Conditions far from resonance are also studied; it is found that the growing tertiary wave is absent in this case. These results offer the first unambiguous experimental demonstration of resonant wave interactions.

頁(從 - 到)437-456
期刊Journal of Fluid Mechanics
出版狀態已出版 - 7月 1966


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