Material-Assisted metamaterial: A new dimension to create functional metamaterial

Wei Yi Tsai, Chih Ming Wang, Ching Fu Chen, Pin Chieh Wu, Yi Hao Chen, Ting Yu Chen, Pei Ru Wu, Jia Wern Chen, Din Ping Tsai

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A high Q-value reflective type metasurface consisting of 1D Au nanorods, a SiO 2 spacer and a Au back reflector is demonstrated. It is shown that the sideband of the resonant mode can be suppressed as the resonant wavelength close to the phonon absorption of SiO 2. By combining both designed structured resonance and inherent property of the based materials, a low angle-dependent metasurface with a Q-value of 40 has been demonstrated. The proposed structure will be useful for high sensitivity sensing and narrow band thermal emitter.

期刊Scientific Reports
出版狀態已出版 - 6 2月 2017


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