LR scalar mixings and 1-loop neutrino masses

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Within the framework of the complete theory of supersymmetry without R-parity, where all possible R-parity violating terms are admitted, we perform a systematic analytical study of all sources of neutrino masses up to "direct 1-loop" (defined explicitly below) level. In the passing, we present the full result for squark and slepton masses. In particular, there are interesting LR squark and slepton mixings, which involve both bilinear and trilinear R-parity violating parameters. The existence and important phenomenological implications of such terms have been largely overlooked in previous studies. In particular, in the studies under which either one type of the couplings is assumed to vanish or neglected, the terms would not show up. The LR mixings play a central role in neutrino mass generation. Our results look straight forward to be obtained, which, in our opinion, is an illustration of the effectiveness of our formulation adopted.

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期刊Journal of High Energy Physics
發行號9 PART B
出版狀態已出版 - 2000


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