Lossy compression tolerant steganography

Ren Junn Hwang, Timothy K. Shih, Chuan Ho Kao, Tsung Ming Chang

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This paper proposes a lossy compression tolerant steganography. Steganography hides the confidential data secretly. The unauthorized people are difficult to detect hidden data. It provides a secure channel to transmit confidential information. Nowadays, it is a very important technique when we are progressively going to computer network age. There are many researchers purposed steganographies, but most of their techniques cannot tolerate the destruction of lossy compression.In this paper, we propose a novel steganography based on the contrastive relation of the grayscale value of neighboring pixels. It is difficult for the human visual system to detect the difference between original image and one that embedded information based on our steganography. Besides, the embedded data can be extracted correctly from the decompressed stego-image. By our technique, the steog-image can be compressed by the lossy JPEG compression process before transmitting or storing it. This feature will speed up the transmission of the stego-image.

主出版物標題The Human Society and the Internet - Internet-Related Socio-Economic Issues First International Conference, Human.Society@Internet 2001 Seoul, Korea, July 4-6, 2001 Proceedings
編輯Won Kim, Tok-Wang Ling, Seung-Soo Park, Yoon-Joon Lee
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ISBN(列印)3540423133, 9783540423133
出版狀態已出版 - 2001
事件1st International Conference on Human.Society@Internet, 2001 - Seoul, Korea, Republic of
持續時間: 4 7月 20016 7月 2001


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???event.eventtypes.event.conference???1st International Conference on Human.Society@Internet, 2001
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