Location query based on moving behaviors

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The importance of location prediction is rapidly increasing with the current trend of database applications in mobile computing environment. However, current personal communication services network could only provide currently maintained location information of non-idle mobile terminals. Pertinent researches predict the future location based on tangent velocity approaches, which require mobile terminals to spend lots of precious electronic power to sense and then measure a sequence of positions for predicting the future tangent velocity, and the prediction is effective only within a short range of time. In this study, we propose an approach to predict future locations of mobile terminals based on the moving behaviors mined from their long-term moving history. Location prediction based on moving behavior requires no power consumption for position measurement, and the prediction results are effective for a long time without requiring the queried clients to be non-idle. With the help of moving behavior, we propose several location prediction operators for location query. Finally, we demonstrate the accuracy of the location query operators through simulation statistics. The experimental results show that the predictions are accurate enough for regular moving mobile terminals.

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