Local term in the anomaly-induced action of Weyl quantum gravity

Andrei O. Barvinsky, Guilherme H.S. Camargo, Alexei E. Kalugin, Nobuyoshi Ohta, Ilya L. Shapiro

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The finite local conformally noninvariant R2 term emerges in the one-loop effective action of the model of quantum gravity based on the Weyl-squared classical action. This term is related to the □R contribution to the conformal anomaly, which in a wide class of regularization schemes is determined by the second Schwinger-DeWitt (or Gilkey-Seeley) coefficient of the heat kernel expansion for inverse propagators of the theory. The calculation of this term requires evaluating the contributions of the fourth-order derivative minimal and of the second-order nonminimal operators in the tensor and vector sectors of the theory, corresponding to metric, ghost, and gauge-fixing operators. To ensure the correctness of existing formulas, we derived (and confirmed) the result using a special technique of calculations, based on the heat-kernel representation of the Euclidean Green's function and the method of universal functional traces.

期刊Physical Review D
出版狀態已出版 - 15 10月 2023


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