Liquid crystals of silver complexes derived from simple 1-alkylimidazoles

Ching K. Lee, Kuang Mei Hsu, Chun Hsien Tsai, Chung K. Lai, Ivan J.B. Lin

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A homologous series of silver complexes of 1-alkylimidazoles (R-im, R = CnH2n+1, where n = 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18) was synthesized. All the CnH2n+1-im ligands are non-mesomorphic. Upon complexation, all the [Ag(CnH2n+1-im)2]- [NO3], except for n = 10, exhibit liquid crystalline properties. The crystal structure of [Ag(C12H25-im)2][NO 3] shows that the silver center is two-coordinate and adopts a U-shaped conformation with bilayer packing. The non-mesomorphic [Ag(C 16H33-bim)2][NO3] (bim = benzimidazole) has a three-coordinate silver ion and has a chair conformation with monolayer stacking. Non-mesomorphic [Ag(C16H33-bim) 2][BF4] has a linear geometry around the silver ion and also has a chair conformation. The mesophase for the Ag- (CnH 2n+1-im) complexes has been identified as the smectic A (SmA) phase. [Ag(C16H33-im)2]+ with four different anions, NO3-, BF4-, PF6- and CF3SO3 were compared. Of the four Ag-im complexes, only the with the CF3SO3 - anion does not show liquid-crystal behavior.

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期刊Dalton Transactions
出版狀態已出版 - 21 4月 2004


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