Liposome-tethered supported lipid bilayer platform for capture and release of heterogeneous populations of circulating tumor cells

Po Ying Yeh, Jia Yang Chen, Mo Yuan Shen, Ting Fang Che, Syer Choon Lim, Jocelyn Wang, Wen Sy Tsai, Curtis W. Frank, Chun Jen Huang, Ying Chih Chang

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Because of scarcity, vulnerability, and heterogeneity in the population of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), the CTC isolation system relying on immunoaffinity interaction exhibits inconsistent efficiencies for all types of cancers and even CTCs with different phenotypes in individuals. Moreover, releasing viable CTCs from an isolation system is of importance for molecular analysis and drug screening in precision medicine, which remains a challenge for current systems. In this work, a new CTC isolation microfluidic platform was developed and contains a coating of the antibody-conjugated liposome-tethered-supported lipid bilayer in a developed chaotic-mixing microfluidic system, referred to as the “LIPO-SLB” platform. The biocompatible, soft, laterally fluidic, and antifouling properties of the LIPO-SLB platform offer high CTC capture efficiency, viability, and selectivity. We successfully demonstrated the capability of the LIPO-SLB platform to recapitulate different cancer cell lines with different antigen expression levels. In addition, the captured CTCs in the LIPO-SLB platform can be detached by air foam to destabilize the physically assembled bilayer structures due to a large water/air interfacial area and strong surface tension. More importantly, the LIPO-SLB platform was constructed and used for the verification of clinical samples from 161 patients with different primary cancer types. The mean values of both single CTCs and CTC clusters correlated well with the cancer stages. Moreover, a considerable number of CTCs were isolated from patients’ blood samples in the early/localized stages. The clinical validation demonstrated the enormous potential of the universal LIPO-SLB platform as a tool for prognostic and predictive purposes in precision medicine.

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期刊Journal of Materials Chemistry B
出版狀態已出版 - 25 5月 2023


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