Jet performance at the circular electron-positron collider

P. Z. Lai, M. Ruan, C. M. Kuo

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Jet reconstruction is critical for the precision measurement of Higgs boson properties and the electroweak observables at the CEPC. We analyze the jet energy and angular responses of benchmark 2- and 4-jet processes with fully simulated samples with the CEPC baseline detector geometry. We observe a relative resolution of 3.5% and 1% on the jet energy and angular measurement for jets in the detector barrel region (|cos θ| < 0.6) with energy greater than 60 GeV. Meanwhile, the jet energy/angular scale can be controlled within 0.5/0.01%. The differential dependences of the jet response on the jet direction and energy are extracted. We also analyze the impact on the jet responses induced by different jet clustering algorithms and matching criteria, which yields a relative difference of up to 8%.

期刊Journal of Instrumentation
出版狀態已出版 - 7月 2021


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