Investigating mechanisms of sport-related cognitive improvement using measures of motor learning

Arunim Guchait, Neil G. Muggleton

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An increasing number of studies have linked engagement in sport or increased physical fitness with improved cognitive performance. Additionally, studies have employed physical activity as an intervention to help with cognition in aging individuals. Despite this, the underlying mechanism (or mechanisms) by which benefits occur remain unclear. We investigated whether improved trainability for individuals engaged in sport or fitness training might underlie such benefits. Specifically, we assessed motor skill performance and learning rates in young adult runners, baseball players, and “control” individuals who did not regularly engage in sport or exercise using an implicit motor sequence learning task. Better initial performance on the task was seen for both the runner group and the baseball group but no benefits were seen for the baseball/runner groups for rates of improvement on the task. This was the case for both non-specific learning (or general motor skill learning—learning not associated with specific sequences of responses) and for sequence-specific learning (or improvement on repeated sequences of responses that participants were not aware of). This pattern may mean that either engagement in sport/physical activity results in improvements that are transferable beyond the context of the sport/training activity or that engagement in sport/exercise may relate to initial differences in the motor competence of an individual. Further work could beneficially investigate learning in more directly cognitive-related tasks and consolidation/improvement of performance over more prolonged time periods. Importantly, assessment of a fitness/sport intervention on performance and learning rates may provide a better context for some of the benefits reported in cross-sectional investigations of the effects of sport/fitness on cognition and aid in determining which differences are due to engaging in exercise and which differences affect the tendency for such engagement.

主出版物標題Enhancement of Brain Functions Prompted by Physical Activity Vol 1
編輯Chi-Hung Juan, Chun-Hao Wang, Shih-Chun Kao
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