Interferometer reference error suppression by the highoverlapping-density phase-stitching algorithm

Po Chih Lin, Hung Sheng Chang, Yi Chun Chen, Chao Wen Liang

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The subaperture stitching interferometer is a flexible testing device that measures either high-numerical- aperture or large aperture optics without the requirement of additional auxiliary optics. In the measurement, the interferometer reference optics error can contaminate the stitched phase of the complete tested optics and reduce measurement accuracy. We propose high-overlapping-density subaperture stitching interferometry (HOD-SSI) to reduce the impact of reference optics errors on the stitched phase. The tested optics surface deformation phase is determined by averaging the multiple subaperture measurements taken at different rotational angles. Simulation and experiment show that HOD-SSI can effectively reduce the stitched phase errors due to the static reference optics errors.

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期刊Applied Optics
出版狀態已出版 - 10 10月 2014


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