Interest-Driven Creator Theory: case study of embodiment in an experimental school in Taiwan

Chee Kit Looi, Su Luan Wong, Siu Cheung Kong, Tak Wai Chan, Ju Ling Shih, Ben Chang, Ying Tien Wu, Chen Chung Liu, Charles Y.C. Yeh, Zhi Hong Chen, Tzu Chao Chien, Chih Yueh Chou, Hui Chun Hung, Hercy Cheng, Calvin C.Y. Liao

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Cognisant that the examination-driven culture in most Asian schools will hinder future educational innovation, a group of concerned Asian researchers started collaboration in 2014 to develop a theory to serve as a guide to design interest-driven learning activities. This endeavour then spawned the development of the Interest-Driven Creator (IDC) Theory. The theory postulates that when their learning is driven by interest, students can be engaged in knowledge creation. The continued practice of this creation process in their daily learning routines can lead students to excel in learning performance, develop 21st century competences and eventually form creation habits to be lifelong learners. This paper, therefore, adds on to the current articulation of IDC Theory by highlighting the implementation of an IDC experimental school in Taiwan and by presenting the story of how it embodies the spirit of IDC. The school curriculum prepares students to be lifelong readers and reflective writers with broad knowledge in the fields of Math, English Language, Science, and Interdisciplinary Social Studies. It emphasises not only students’ academic growth but also their physical wellness and character building. The endeavour intends to be a comprehensive example of practice-driven research, demonstrating how theory and practice can be bridged, and how a virtuous cycle of research improving practice and practice informing research can be developed. This paper also provides a glimpse of how IDC Theory can inspire the planning and integration of IDC-based education approaches in academic curricula beyond Taiwan. The paper ends with the call for a more concerted effort to create a sustainable alliance to share professional insights into IDC Theory through a non-governmental organisation.

期刊Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning
出版狀態已出版 - 2023


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