Interaction of coastal countercurrent in I-Lan Bay with the Kuroshio northeast of Taiwan

Po Chun Hsu, Quanan Zheng, Ching Yuan Lu, Kai Ho Cheng, Hung Jen Lee, Chung Ru Ho

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The interaction of coastal water in I-Lan Bay, a bay near northeast Taiwan, and the Kuroshio Current is studied using the data from hydrologic survey and satellite remote sensing. An index for water mass distinguished is used for clarifying the origin of water mass in I-Lan Bay. The velocity profile from acoustic Doppler current profile data indicates a countercurrent that flows southward along the northeast coast of Taiwan toward I-Lan Bay with a speed around 0.1–0.2 m/s. The index of water mass indicates that the water of I-Lan Bay is mainly affected by the northern shelf waters of Taiwan and mixed with Kuroshio nearshore water, thus forming a clear ocean front between these two areas. The near surface water temperature in the I-Lan Bay is about 2 °C lower than that in the Kuroshio region. The seasonal average near surface salinity of I-Lan Bay can exist 0.4 psu fresher than the Kuroshio area. From the analysis of dynamic process, the coastal countercurrent in I-Lan Bay is primarily affected by 1) the occurrence of cold dome in northeast of Taiwan mainly occurs in summer, and 2) the wind-driven current from the Taiwan Strait along the north coast and the northeast coast of Taiwan caused by the southwesterly monsoon makes the countercurrents strongly in summer. The dynamics of the countercurrent occurrence can be explained by the Ekman transport theory.

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期刊Continental Shelf Research
出版狀態已出版 - 1 12月 2018


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