Inter-firms collaboration of joint venture in IC foundry business

Kuo Cheng Ku, Charan K. Gurumurthy, Hsin Pei Kao

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In order to increase their capacity and competitiveness in the global market, more and more companies tend to enter strategic alliances with each other in the past decade. This paper describes a collaborative method for IC foundries industry to help managers and decision makers better cope with the dynamic relationship and related issues that can occur during joint ventures between two or more enterprises. The collaborative view analyzes different types of joint venture and modes of cooperation in the IC foundry industry that enhance efficiency and increase the possibility of success. Competitive and collaborative relation issues of stakeholder management in IC foundry business chain will also be discussed in this research. This paper's aim is to use the IC foundry as a case to explore the key of success from the new joint ventures game.

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出版狀態已出版 - 5月 2007


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