Inter-city bus scheduling under variable market share and uncertain market demands

Shangyao Yan, Ching Hui Tang

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Bus scheduling is essential to a carrier's profitability, its level of service and its competitiveness in the market. In past research most inter-city bus scheduling models have used only the projected (or average) market share and market demand, meaning that the variations in daily passenger demand that occur in actual operations are neglected. In this research, however, we do not utilize a fixed market share and market demand. Instead, passenger choice behaviors and uncertain market demands are considered. Stochastic and robust optimizations and a passenger choice model are used to develop the models. These models are formulated as a nonlinear integer program that is characterized as NP-hard. We also develop a solution algorithm to efficiently solve the models. They are tested using data from a major Taiwan inter-city bus operation. The results show the good performance of the models and the solution algorithm.

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出版狀態已出版 - 2月 2009


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