Infrared absorptance of wavelength-selection trapezoid grating

Jyh Rou Sze, An Chi Wei, Fong Zhi Chen

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The wavelength-selection trapezoid gratings which can improve the infrared absorptance contrast are demonstrated. The spectral absorptance of silicon trapezoid grating is studied by using the rigorous coupled-wave analysis (RCWA) numerical scheme. The optical performance of the trapezoid gratings with different side-wall slopes on the groove ridge is calculated and analyzed. According to the analyzed results, the side-wall slope of the trapezoid grating plays an important role for enhancing the contrast of the infrared absorptance. It is found that the absorptance peak is located at the wavelength of 7.0 μm, which is equal to the period of the trapezoid grating. The maximum spectral absorptance contrast is given at the proper side-wall slope of groove ridge of the trapezoid gratings. The influences of the oblique incident light are also analyzed. When the incident angle increases, the absorptance peak deviates from the original location of the normal incident condition. The absorptance peak not only decreases its magnitude but also be split.

主出版物子標題Fundamentals and Applications IV
出版狀態已出版 - 2011
事件Metamaterials: Fundamentals and Applications IV - San Diego, CA, United States
持續時間: 21 8月 201125 8月 2011


名字Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering


???event.eventtypes.event.conference???Metamaterials: Fundamentals and Applications IV
國家/地區United States
城市San Diego, CA


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