Improving brace member seismic performance with amplified-deformation lever-armed dampers

I. P.Ellsa Sarassantika, H. L. Hsu

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This study focused on the development and validation of a novel brace design that incorporated a hinged truss member and a set of lever-armed damper (LAD), namely LAD-Brace, for structural performance enhancement. The lever-armed damper was designed with adequate rotation mechanism to generate amplified-deformation and uniform yield zones in the tapered energy dissipation plate for efficient energy dissipation. A series of cyclic loads and constant peak amplitude tests were conducted on LAD-Braces with various geometries in the energy dissipation plates. Analytical expressions for yield strength estimation were derived and effectively validated by the test results. Cyclic load test results showed that adequate strength, effective equivalent viscous damping and significant energy dissipation were simultaneously achieved which justified the design applicability for earthquake-resistant purposes. Investigation through constant peak amplitude tests revealed that LAD-Braces, when designed with adequate geometries, possessed further seismic resilience after experiencing major earthquake excitation, thus validated the proposed design effectiveness and robustness.

期刊Journal of Constructional Steel Research
出版狀態已出版 - 5月 2022


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