Impact damage in composite laminates

Wang Chung-Yue, Ching H. Yew

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A low velocity impact damage model for the quasi-symmetric graphite fiber composite plates is presented. The distribution of damage in each layer of the plate was calculated by employing Di Sciuva's composite laminate theory together with Hashin's failure criterion for fiber-reinforced composites. The dynamic deformation of the target plate was represented by the lower vibrational modes of the plate. The principle of virtual work was applied in the formulation of the problem. In the analysis, the material was regarded as 'damaged' when its designed strength was reduced by the failure of its constituents. The constituent failures consisted of matrix crackings, fiber breakages, and delamination between layers. According to damage modes, the moduli of material in the damaged zone were reduced according to the failure criteria. The interaction between layers and its role in damage propagation were also studied.

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期刊Computers and Structures
出版狀態已出版 - 1990


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