Identifying Faraday rogue wave precursors from surrounding waveform information

Hsiang Ying Chen, Chun Yu Liu, I. Lin

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Rogue waves are localized large-amplitude events in various nonlinear wave systems. For these uncertain rare events, whether precursors exist and how they can be identified are challenging open issues. In this work, these issues are experimentally addressed from the wave-particle interaction view, using the information of the surrounding waveform preceding the rogue wave in a Faraday wave system exhibiting disordered oscillon pattern. It is found that oscillon peak height is uncorrelated with the high-order orientational symmetries of its prior surrounding waveform. The preceding waveform with high angular average and the low standard deviation of the ridge height surrounding the center oscillon is the key precursor for the strong inward water focusing. It leads to the subsequent rogue wave (oscillon with extreme peak height) generation, after one external driving period τ0. The rapid increase of the angular average rescaled by the standard deviation of the surrounding ridge height also serves as a good earlier precursor several τ0 before rogue wave generation.

期刊Physical Review Fluids
出版狀態已出版 - 6月 2018


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