IBM blends heuristics and optimization to plan its semiconductor supply chain

Alfred Degbotse, Brian T. Denton, Kenneth Fordyce, R. John Milne, Robert Orzell, Chi Tai Wang

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IBM uses operations research techniques to plan its enterprise semiconductor supply chain. The scale and complexity of this planning problem make developing robust supply chain optimization tools a challenge. Pure optimization methods are computationally infeasible, and fast heuristic methods alone generate poor results. Consequently, we developed a method that decomposes the problem by dividing the bills of materials product structure horizontally and vertically into complex and simple portions that are based on the major stages in semiconductor manufacturing and the choices of supply chain paths for building parts. The method then solves the complex portions with a mixed-integer program and the simple portions with fast heuristics that contain small embedded linear programs. A unique pegging algorithm, an explosion heuristic, and an implosion linear program enable coordination among these portions. The result is a unified production, shipping, and distribution plan with no evidence of the original decomposition. This method has helped IBM to improve its asset utilization, customer service, and inventory levels.

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出版狀態已出版 - 3月 2013


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