Hydrogen scooter testing and verification program

Chunto Tso, Lai Ho Huang, Chung Jen Tseng

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Taiwan stands out globally in the manufacture of scooters. If fuel cell technology could be applied to the scooter, Taiwan could gain an advantage in the trend for commercial applications for fct. In 2011, The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection proposed this project "the Demonstration of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scooters." Thirty rental fuel cell scooters are to run a long distance. Evaluation during everyday use of the cells performance will be made and reported by the riders. All the evaluations will be put into consideration of future adjustments. The project is to map out a practice route in Taipei and set up a control center to follow progress. The data gathered from the practice project will help examine the performance of fuel cell scooters, contributing to the creation of legal drafts and future standards. The Taiwan fuel cell industry chain is complete, and the industry possesses the ability to produce key components. Thus it is a potential market in Taiwan. A review of fuel cell development conditions in Taiwan shows that the fuel cell scooters is a niche industry owing to the strength of this technology.

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