Housing Transfer Inspection: What Are the Priorities?

Jieh Haur Chen, His Hua Pan, Ting Kwei Wang, Hsi Hsien Wei

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This study aims to discern and assign significance to the crucial inspection items preceding housing transfers, subsequently unveiling their prioritized sequence. Initiating with a literature review, a robust groundwork was laid for expert interviews, which subsequently defined eight distinct facets encompassing a total of 38 items pertinent to housing transfer inspections. Employing the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), the results of an expert survey are analyzed, incorporating 27 valid responses. The outcomes of this research encompass the following: (1) the delineation of eight distinct facets, (2) the compilation of a comprehensive list comprising 38 items, (3) a short list of the top 15 items easier for inspectors to complete for a quick transfer, and (4) the establishment of a priority sequence for housing transfer inspection items. This study effectively resolves the predicament faced by practitioners concerning the selection of appropriate inspection items for housing transfers, and offers clarity regarding their relative significance.

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