High-order coherent communications using mode-locked dark-pulse Kerr combs from microresonators

Attila Fülöp, Mikael Mazur, Abel Lorences-Riesgo, Óskar B. Helgason, Pei Hsun Wang, Yi Xuan, Dan E. Leaird, Minghao Qi, Peter A. Andrekson, Andrew M. Weiner, Victor Torres-Company

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Microresonator frequency combs harness the nonlinear Kerr effect in an integrated optical cavity to generate a multitude of phase-locked frequency lines. The line spacing can reach values in the order of 100 GHz, making it an attractive multi-wavelength light source for applications in fiber-optic communications. Depending on the dispersion of the microresonator, different physical dynamics have been observed. A recently discovered comb state corresponds to the formation of mode-locked dark pulses in a normal-dispersion microcavity. Such dark-pulse combs are particularly compelling for advanced coherent communications since they display unusually high power-conversion efficiency. Here, we report the first coherent-transmission experiments using 64-quadrature amplitude modulation encoded onto the frequency lines of a dark-pulse comb. The high conversion efficiency of the comb enables transmitted optical signal-to-noise ratios above 33 dB, while maintaining a laser pump power level compatible with state-of-the-art hybrid silicon lasers.

期刊Nature Communications
出版狀態已出版 - 1 12月 2018


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