Hiding digital watermarks using multiresolution wavelet transform

Ming Shing Hsieh, Din Chang Tseng, Yong Huai Huang

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In this paper, an image accreditation technique by embedding digital watermarks in images is proposed. The proposed method for the digital watermarking is based on the wavelet transform. This is unlike most previous work, which used a random number of a sequence of bits as a watermark and where the watermark can only be detected by comparing an experimental threshold value to determine whether a sequence of random signals is the watermark. The proposed approach embeds a watermark with visual recognizable patterns, such as binary, gray, or color image in images by modifying the frequency part of the images. In the proposed approach, an original image is decomposed into wavelet coefficients. Then, multi-energy watermarking scheme based on the qualified significant wavelet tree (QSWT) is used to achieve the robustness of the watermarking. Unlike other watermarking techniques that use a single casting energy, QSWT adopts adaptive casting energy in different resolutions. The performance of the proposed watermarking is robust to a variety of signal distortions, such as JPEG, image cropping, sharpening, median filtering, and incorporating attacks.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
出版狀態已出版 - 10月 2001


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