Heuristic approach of bandwidth management for video sources in ATM networks

Yen Wen Chen, Jean Lien C. Wu

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One of the most important properties in the ATM networks is that the resource of the network, including buffer and bandwith, can be flexibly managed acccording to different demands of various applicaitons. The network bandwidth can be effectively allocated and utilized if the data volume of the arrival traffic can be predicted precisely. In this paper, we study the bandwidth management schemes for variable bit rate (VBR) pre-coded MPEG vidoe sources. The proposed bandwidth allocation method, which predicts the bandwidth by the frame correlation, demonstrates a quite good performance when comparing with a previous scheme, especially for the video scenes with the combination of intraframes and interframes. Bandwidth allocation of a multiplexer connected to several video sources is also studied by using heuristic information. The experimental results show that the proposed method is much better than that of the fixed bandwidth allocation and is suitable for the applicaiton of MPEG video service.

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期刊International Journal of Network Management
出版狀態已出版 - 2000


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