GPS-based message broadcast for adaptive inter-vehicle communications

Min Te Sun, Wu chi Feng, Ten Hwang Lai, Kentaro Yamada, Hiromi Okada, Kikuo Fujimura

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) use advanced communications and control technologies to improve current transportation systems. To achieve many ITS applications, the ability to exchange messages between vehicles is necessary. This is generally referred as Inter Vehicle Communication (IVC). IVC can be considered as a special case of ad hoc networks, where nodes only move along predefined road paths. In this paper, we propose new broadcast protocols that make use of global positioning system (GPS) information to enhance the performance of broadcast service in IVC. The ability to efficiently broadcast messages is necessary for any communications in IVC (e.g. updating routing tables, etc). In this paper, we propose two algorithms that effectively reduce the number of re-broadcast messages without affecting the number of hosts (vehicles) that receive the broadcast. The simulation results show up to several hundred percentage of bandwidth utilization improvement can be achieved by our proposed broadcast protocols.

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期刊IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
發行號52 ND
出版狀態已出版 - 2000
事件52nd Vehicular Technology Conference (IEEE VTS Fall VTC2000) - Boston, MA, USA
持續時間: 24 9月 200028 9月 2000


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