Geothermal feasibility analysis inside Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan

Chyi Wang, Yi Chia Lu, Sheng Rong Song

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Geothermal power generation has gradually attracted attention due to the rise of green energy approaches in recent years. The Tatun Volcanic Group (TVG) in northern Taiwan has abundant hot springs and fumaroles, which have the potential for geothermal development. However, due to overlapping territory with Yangmingshan National Park (YNP) and the issue of high acidity in thermal water, research-oriented geothermal projects were mostly carried out in the metamorphic rock area of eastern Taiwan or outside YNP. After years of renewable energy policy from the government largely focusing on solar and wind power developments, geothermal is now being revisited in the revised direction of net-zero carbon emissions. The government is pursuing new initiatives to attract private industry players for collaboration, and advocates for special geothermal regulations and amendments to the current national park rules that facilitate resource exploration. Assuming favourable rulings for geothermal exploration are established, our study assesses the feasibility of geothermal potentials in the Tatun volcanic area by analysing multiple factors to determine the best targets for the geothermal development projects inside YNP. We select the geothermal potential map of TVG in northern Taiwan and the land use classification map of YNP as two major elements for the geological characteristics and the social limitations. Play fairway methodology is used to integrate the geological and social constraints, determining three viable targets as the geothermal development sites in Matsao, Leng-shui-keng, and Long-feng-ku areas. Maps of geologically susceptible and landslide-sensitive areas are digitized and superimposed for use in further analysis to factor in the stability of the land for protecting natural environment. According to this method, the most feasible prospect accommodating the most geothermal potential and the least damage to the landscape of the national park—once the national park regulations are moderately loosened—is the Matsao area, where great geothermal potential has been corroborated by many researches over the years.

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