Fuzzy model-based control of a pneumatic chamber

Jiing Yih Lai, Ying Chih Lin

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In recent years, the study in fuzzy control has been received extensive attention. However, most of available fuzzy control rules currently used are based on trial and error as it is difficult to predict fuzzy parameters systematically. In this study, we proposed a fuzzy model for a pneumatic chamber and applied an 'inverse plant' technique, incorporating above fuzzy model, to develop suitable control law for pressure tracking control. Experimental results have shown that the proposed fuzzy model-based controller is better than the conventional PID controller as it has better transient and tracking performance. Also, the proposed controller can reject system variation to some extent.

主出版物標題American Control Conference
發行者Publ by IEEE
ISBN(列印)0780308611, 9780780308619
出版狀態已出版 - 1993
事件Proceedings of the 1993 American Control Conference Part 3 (of 3) - San Francisco, CA, USA
持續時間: 2 6月 19934 6月 1993


名字American Control Conference


???event.eventtypes.event.conference???Proceedings of the 1993 American Control Conference Part 3 (of 3)
城市San Francisco, CA, USA


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