From virtual to reality: The power of augmented reality in triggering impulsive purchases

Wen Chin Hsu, Mu Heng Lee, Kai Wen Zheng

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This study examines the impact of key features of augmented reality (AR) applications on impulsive buying intentions. The study focuses on interactivity, authenticity, and vividness and how they combine with psychological and emotional responses to create an immersive shopping experience. A structured questionnaire was administered to 254 participants via an online survey, and the data were analyzed using the partial least squares (PLS) method. The results demonstrate that all three AR characteristics can stimulate consumers to varying degrees, resulting in impulse purchase intentions. Interactivity provides significant instant gratification stimulation, while vividness creates the strongest form of instant gratification and product presence. Authenticity provides the strongest product presence stimulation but does not significantly stimulate instant gratification. These findings offer valuable insights for AR application developers to optimize AR apps for the best user experience and shed light on the relationship between AR characteristics and consumers' impulse buying intentions.

期刊Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services
出版狀態已出版 - 1月 2024


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