Free-carrier absorption assisted photoelectrochemistry of silicon

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Free-carrier absorption (FCA) in semiconductors is a process that carriers within the conduction or valence band absorb photons with energy less than bandgap to transfer themselves into a higher energy state without generating electron–hole pairs. The energy absorption activates phonon scattering and is generally considered to have an undesirable impact on the performance of electronic or optical devices. But in an electrochemical processing of silicon, the FCA has a significant impact on the formation of nanocrystals. By the effect of FCA, nanocrystals form directly on the bulk surface via a rate-limited photoelectrochemistry processing. To prove the effect, we employed a 0.9 W/cm2, 1310-nm laser that can penetrate through silicon but be absorbed by free carriers. After anodizing, a brilliant nonetching spot which was irradiated by the laser appeared on the black anodized surface. Under He–Cd laser photoexcitation, we found the peak location of the photoluminescence (PL) in the spot was shifted to 540 nm. The examination of transmission electron microscope showed 2.9 nm silicon nanocrystals embedded in an amorphousness-like layer as silicon quantum dots.

主出版物標題ECS Transactions
編輯A. P. Abbott, R. Alkire, P. Allongue, T. J. Anderson, P. N. Bartlett, M. Bayachou, S. Bhansali, N. Birbilis, A. B. Bocarsly, C. Bock, O. V. Boltalina, S. Brankovic, R. Buchheit, D. A. Buttry, S. Calabrese Barton, M. T. Carter, V. Chaitanya, G. T. Cheek, Z. Chen, D. Chidambaram, B. A. Chin, J. W. Choi, D. Chu, D. E. Cliffel, H. Deligianni, V. Di Noto, N. Dimitrov, M. Doeff, E. A. Douglas, T. Druffel, K. Edstrom, J. M. Fenton, J. Fergus, J. Fransaer, Y. Fukunaka, D. Guyomard, H. Hamada, L. M. Haverhals, P. Hesketh, A. C. Hillier, J. K. Hite, H. Imahori, M. Inaba, M. Innocenti, M. Itagaki, C. Johnson, H. Katayama, S. H. Kilgore, D. J. Kim, J. Koehne, R. Kostecki, G. Krumdick, P. J. Kulesza, J. Leddy, J. J. Lee, O. Leonte, Y. C. Lu, B. L. Lucht, R. P. Lynch, M. Manivannan, R. A. Mantz, P. Marcus, V. Maurice, M. Mauter, J. Mauzeroll, H. N. McMurray, Y. S. Meng, E. L. Miller, I. Milosev, S. D. Minteer, S. Mitra, S. Mukerjee, R. Mukundan, J. Muldoon, L. Nagahara, S. R. Narayan, P. M. Natishan, M. Navaei, J. D. Nicholas, J. Noel, S. S. Nonnenmann, C. O'Dwyer, M. E. Orazem, Y. Oren, J. G. Park, P. Pharkya, P. N. Pintauro, S. Pylypenko, K. Rajeshwar, R. P. Ramasamy, C. Rhodes, D. P. Riemer, D. Roeper, M. Rohwerder, L. Romankiw, S. V. Rotkin, J. L. M. Rupp, M. J. Sailor, D. T. Schwartz, P. K. Sekhar, N. Sharma, A. Simonian, D. K. Smith, K. C. Smith, L. Soleymani, G. R. Stafford, J. A. Staser, V. Subramanian, V. R. Subramanian, K. B. Sundaram, A. H. Suroviec, K. Suto, M. Tao, T. Tatsuma, P. C. Trulove, P. Vanysek, N. Vasiljevic, J. T. Vaughey, S. Virtanen, H. Wang, W. Wang, J. F. Whitacre, G. Williams, M. Winter, D. L. Wood, G. Wu, N. Wu, J. Xiao, Y. Xing, H. Xu, J. J. Yang, G. Zangari
發行者Electrochemical Society Inc.
出版狀態已出版 - 2017
事件232nd ECS Meeting - National Harbor, United States
持續時間: 1 10月 20175 10月 2017


名字ECS Transactions


???event.eventtypes.event.conference???232nd ECS Meeting
國家/地區United States
城市National Harbor


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