Formation of porous Mg2(SiSn) by nanoparticle alloying and its thermoelectric properties

Cheng Lun Hsin, Ting Chou Lee, Yu Chen Fu, Yu Hong Tsai, Sheng Wei Lee

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Thermoelectric materials and devices are regarded as promising alternatives for addressing global warming challenges. This study demonstrates the fabrication and thermoelectric properties of porous Mg2(Si0.4Sn0.6). The composition inhomogeneity enhances the Seebeck coefficient, and the porous structure results in low thermal conductivity. Mg2Si and Mg2Sn powders are synthesized and subsequently used to create the Mg2(Si0.4Sn0.6) alloy. The experimental findings reveal that via nano-engineering of earth-abundant elements, an increase in the Seebeck coefficient and a decrease in thermal conductivity can be achieved. This approach illustrates a feasible alternative to the traditional hot-pressing and spark plasma sintering processes for synthesizing porous Mg2(Si0.4Sn0.6). Furthermore, this study demonstrates that porous Mg2(Si0.4Sn0.6) has high performance/cost value and is a promising candidate for environmentally friendly waste-heat energy conversion.

期刊Materials Research Bulletin
出版狀態已出版 - 5月 2023


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