Forecast advisory for the late fall heavy rainfall/flood event in central vietnam developed from diagnostic analysis

Tsing Chang Chen, Ming Cheng Yen, Jenq Dar Tsay, Jordan Alpert, Nguyen Thi Tan Thanh

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The formations of heavy rainfall/flood (HRF) events in Vietnam are studied from diagnostic analyses of 31 events during the period 1979-2009. HRF events develop from the cold surge vortices formed around the Philippines. These vortices' speed, size, and rainfall, which evolve intoHRF events, are enhanced distinguishably from non-HRF vortices, as they reach Vietnam. The HRF cyclone, the North Pacific anticyclone, and the northwestern Pacific explosive cyclone simultaneously reach their maximum intensities when the HRF event occurs. An HRF cyclone attains its maximum intensity by the in-phase constructive interference of three monsoon (30-60, 12-24, and 5 days) modes identified by the spectral analysis of zonal winds. The rainfall center of anHRF event is formed and maintained by the in-phase constructive interference of rainfall and convergence of water vapor flux anomalies, respectively, from three monsoon modes. Forecast times of regional models are dependent and constrained on the scale of the limited domain. For 5-day forecasts, a global or at least a hemispheric model is necessary. Using the salient features described above, a 5-day forecast advisory is introduced to supplement forecasts of HRF events made by the global model. Non-HRF vortices are filtered by threshold values for the deepening rate of explosive cyclones and basic characteristics of the HRF events predicted by the globalmodel. Anecessary condition for anHRF event is the in-phase superposition of the threemonsoonmodes. One-week forecasts for 12 HRF events issued by the NCEP Global Forecast System are tested. Results demonstrate the feasibility of the forecast advisory to predict the occurrence dates of HRF events.

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期刊Weather and Forecasting
出版狀態已出版 - 10月 2012


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