Flareless enhancement of solar energetic particle flux on April 14-17, 1994

I. S. Veselovsky, Yu V. Gotselyuk, A. V. Dmitriev, S. N. Kuznetsov, V. G. Kurt, I. N. Myagkova, V. N. Oraevsky, M. I. Panasyuk, A. N. Podorolsky, S. P. Ryumin

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The solar cosmic ray event of April 14-17, 1994, with energies of protons Ep > 30 MeV and electrons Ee > 1.3 MeV observed aboard the CORONAS-I satellite over Earth's polar caps, is discussed. This event is not associated with any impulsive solar flare nor with any active region. This suggests that the observed event is a flareless particle flux increase. Features of particle propagation in interplanetary space are discussed. We assume that in this case, acceleration of solar energetic particles is related to an eruptive event observed by the SXT instrument aboard the Yohkoh satellite. This Solar Particle Crown event is one of the most large-scale dynamical events in the soft X-ray range recorded aboard the satellite. The relationship between the coronal and interplanetary signatures of this phenomenon is important in many respects.

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期刊Cosmic Research
出版狀態已出版 - 3月 1997


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