Finite-size domains in membranes with active two-state inclusions

Chien Hsun Chen, Hsuan Yi Chen

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The distribution of inclusion-rich domains in membranes with active two-state inclusions is studied by simulations. Our study shows that typical size of inclusion-rich domains (L) can be controlled by inclusion activities in several ways. When there is effective attraction between state-1 inclusions, we find: (i) Small domains with only several inclusions are observed for inclusions with time scales (â 10â3 s) and interaction energy [âO (kB T)] comparable to motor proteins. (ii) L scales as 1â•3 power of the lifetime of state-1 for a wide range of parameters. (iii) L shows a switch-like dependence on state-2 lifetime k12 â1. That is, L depends weakly on k12 when k12 < k12* but increases rapidly with k12 when k12 > k12*, the crossover k12* occurs when the diffusion length of a typical state-2 inclusion within its lifetime is comparable to L. (iv) Inclusion-curvature coupling provides another length scale that competes with the effects of transition rates.

期刊Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics
出版狀態已出版 - 2006


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