Find me here: share store information through check-in

Chin Ching Yin, Yun Chia Tang, Yi Ching Hsieh, Hung Chang Chiu, Shu Jie Jhu

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Purpose: This paper aims to propose several characteristics of check-in services and investigates whether these characteristics influence customer perceived utilitarian and hedonic values. These perceived values mediate the influences of check-in services on customers' responses. Design/methodology/approach: From the perspective of mobile check-in service, the authors proposed a framework with several hypotheses and verified the model with structural equation modeling based on questionnaire data collected from mobile device users. Findings: The results indicate that self-disclosure, expressive support and self-congruity positively relate to utilitarian value; instrumental support positively relates to hedonic value and both hedonic and utilitarian values positively relate to continuance intention and re-patronage intention. However, sales promotion has no significant influence on both hedonic and utilitarian check-in values. Originality/value: This study applies the concept of location-based social networks to provide new insights into the evolving user-generated content research in the interactive marketing field.

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期刊Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing
出版狀態已出版 - 10 5月 2022


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