Fabrication/characterization of a pseudomorphic Ga0.1In0.9P/InP MESFET

M. S. Feng, Y. M. Hsin, C. H. Wu

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A pseudomorphic Ga0.1In0.9P/InP MESFET grown by low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (LP-MOCVD) has been fabricated and characterized. The results indicated a transconductance of 66.7 ms/mm and a saturation drain current (Idss) of 55.6 mA have been achieved; furthermore, the Schottky barrier on InGaP as high as 0.67 eV can be obtained using Pt2Si as the gate material. For comparison, a conventional InP MESFET with 5 μm gate length has also been fabricated on InP epitaxial layer grown by low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on Fe-doped semi-insulating InP substrate. The transconductance and Idss were found to be 46.7 mS/mm and 43.1 mA at zero gate, respectively, for the depletion mode n-channel MESFET with Au as the gate metal; whereas, for the MESFET using Pt2Si as the gate metal, a transconductance of 40.3 mS/mm and a saturation drain current of 41.1 mA at zero gate bias have been obtained. The results indicated that Ga0.1In0.9P/InP MESFET has better performance than InP MESFET because of higher energy gap of Ga0.1In0.9P.

主出版物標題III-V Electronic and Photonic Device Fabrication and Performance
發行者Publ by Materials Research Society
ISBN(列印)1558991964, 9781558991965
出版狀態已出版 - 1993
事件Materials Research Society Spring Meeting - San Francisco, CA, USA
持續時間: 12 4月 199315 4月 1993


名字Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings


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城市San Francisco, CA, USA


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