External articulation and internal stabilization: Using identification stages to enhance online gamer loyalty

Ching I. Teng, Tzu Ling Huang, Guan Ling Huang, Alan R. Dennis, Gen Yih Liao

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Social identification theory (SIT) posits that social identification predicts individuals' commitment and loyalty. However, SIT has not clarified the mechanism underlying the impact of social identification on engagement, particularly in terms of how strongly identified individuals do inside and outside the group. Without such knowledge, practitioners may mistakenly believe that social identification always enhances clients' commitment and loyalty, showing the practical importance of a better understanding of this issue. Hence, the purpose of this study is to propose two novel components (external articulation and internal stabilization) that make up the mechanism underlying the impact of social identification. We modeled this mechanism and used a multiwave design and multianchored scales in collecting three waves of complete and valid responses from 814 online gamers. Structural equation modeling was used to statistically test the model. The results mostly support our model, i.e., both internal stabilization and external articulation are necessary components of this theoretical mechanism. The findings inform game makers that they should ask highly identified players to express both positive and unique features of gaming communities by word-of-mouth. Interestingly, internal stabilization can strengthen the influence of external articulation, particularly regarding the impact of unique image advocation. Game makers should also leverage players' identification to remind them to comply with norms. These means should strengthen players' commitment and therefore their action loyalty. Our study extends SIT by proposing two novel components, external articulation and internal stabilization; future research should explore concepts associated with these two components.

期刊Decision Support Systems
出版狀態已出版 - 1月 2024


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